Zagreb is a great city to visit in a winter time! During the summer everybody escapes to the coast of Croatia. But in the winter Zagreb is really fun city! No matter it gets really cold you can easily warm up with a nice cup of mulled wine or traditional sweets fritule and enjoy true Christmas spirit in the capital of Croatia.



It is a beautiful old park surrounded with fountains in the very center of Zagreb just a few steps away from the main square.During Christmas holidays it gets a new look with more than million lamps around the park. It is full of people, stands selling food, drinks and souvenirs, atmosphere is great and you can also run into some nice performance or concert.



It is a park located just in front of a train station and this year it turned into ice skating park where everybody can enjoy some winter outdoor activity in a magical surrounding in the center of Zagreb.



Tkalča is a famous Zagrebs "pub street" full of bars, pubs, shops and restaurants. It is the liveliest street in Zagreb and something is happening here every day of the year! It should definitely be on your list of places to visit when travelling to Zagreb. During the day you can have a break from sightseeing and come to Tkalča for a coffee on a terrace while enjoying the sun and absorbing Zagreb energy. Or you can come in the evening for a nice dinner and after head to one of the clubs. Don't miss our Funk club where you can find friendly people, great music (from funk, jazz to afro beats and tech house), cheap drinks and very relaxed atmosphere ;)



During your visit to Zagreb check if there is any ice hockey game playing. Ice hockey became really popular lately in Croatia. Games are played at beautiful Arena Zagreb and great energy from all the fans with a good ice hockey makes it a unique experience.



This is a great new thing in Zagreb! Fuliranje is a creative project that became really popular and well excepted by locals and tourists in Zagreb. In Christmas time this gorgeous little street with a view on Zagrebs funicular transforms into the center of all holiday happenings in the city. Everybody makes some time to stop at Tomićeva Street and taste holy essences thru some of delicates offered on the stands. Don't miss it!