Croats love good movies and Zagreb is a home to many film festivals:

  • Zagreb Film Festival
  • Human Rights Film Festival
  • Jewish Film Festival, Animafest
  • ZagrebDox
  • One take film festival
  • Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival
  • 25FPS
  • Subversive Film Festival
  • Screen on the Green, Pssst!
  • Festival of Croatian Animated Movie
  • RAF- Amateur Movie Festival
  • Croatian Movie Days

Every year in November there is a special night in Croatia, a Night of Theaters, when all the plays are free and all the theaters welcome their guests. Zagreb hosts many theater festivals and the most interesting ones are: NuWrite Festival, Zagreb Theater Festival, Gavella's nights, TEST- International Festival of Student Theater and Eurokaz. Other interesting festivals in Zagreb are: Zagreb's Time Machine where you can have the opportunity to see how people lived in Zagreb many years ago, Orient Fest – a festival of oriental dances, Urban festival – an international multimedia festival of contemporary art, Week of Contemporary Dance, Cest is d'Best – an international street festival, Summer on Stross and many, many more!