Zagreb is the city with the most museums in the entire world! Zagreb, also known as the city of museums, is a home to many different museums, but the most unique and interesting one is Museum of Broken Relationships, situated in the upper town of Zagreb. Every year there is Night of Museum around Croatia, when all entries to museums are free!

Museums in Zagreb:

  • Archeological museum
  • Croatian Architecture Museum
  • Croatian History Museum
  • Croatian Naive Art Museum
  • Croatian National History Museum
  • Croatian School Museum
  • Croatian Sports Museum
  • Drazen Petrovic Memorial Center
  • Etnographic Museum
  • Sculpture Museum of the Croatian Academy of Science and Art
  • Hunting Museum
  • Ivan Mestrovic Museum
  • Museum of Artsand Crafts
  • Museum of BrokenRelationships
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Tehnical Museum
  • The Mimara Museum
  • Zagreb City Museum
  • Lauba