Funk Lounge hostel's restaurant - traditional Croatian food
Croatian cuisine is not world famous but you will be surprised how good we eat here! Dalmatian smoked ham (prosciutto), raznjici (skewers), octopus salad, Zagreb's steak, stewed beans, Croatian fish dish brodet or amazing pasticada, excellent desserts like kremsnita or strukli are a must when you are in Croatia!

If you want to try delicious and cheap traditional Croatian food, Funk Lounge restaurant is a perfect place for you! Funk restaurant menu consist of a classic Croatian food and a versatile mixture of global cuisine, designed to satisfy travelers from around the world.

Traditional food in Zagreb restaurant is pretty cheap, but of course that depends on what you are eating. Food price range is from 3,5 €- 15 € per meal. But In Funk restaurant you can find our fresh and daily offer of delicious dishes from 2 €!