There are many shopping malls in Zagreb, as well as many shopping streets. In Zagreb you can find all sorts of shops and brands. The best shopping center in Zagreb is Arena Zagreb. Other very popular shopping centers in Zagreb are: Avenue Mall, Importanne center on the main train station and the newest one of those, Garden Mall.

Ilica street is the longest street in Zagreb and also famous shopping street, where you can find anything from handmade jewelry and brand shops to souvenirs shops. Some of the most famous souvenirs to take home from Zagreb or Croatia are licitar hearts, neck-tie (a Croatian invention, btw.), mechanical pen, exquisitely decorated cake of honey dough and Sestine umbrella.

There are many farmers market where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meet at daily basis. The most famous open markets in Zagreb are Dolac, situated next to the main square and Kvatrić, an open market that's located only 10 min on foot from our Funk Lounge hostel. Second-hand stuff at very low prices you can find at Britanski trg every Sunday or Jakusevac also every Sunday. You have to go there early in the morning and you will find some amazing antique gifts or souvenirs from Zagreb!