In the year 2009. Zagreb hosted the World Handball Championship and for that purpose Arena Zagreb was built. Now it opens its doors to many sports events and concerts. Zagreb is also the only capital city that hosts World Championship Skiing Race, known as the Queen Snow Trophy on Zagreb's mountain Sljeme. Zagreb Indoors is a famous international tennis tournament. Zagreb Meeting also known as Hanzek was held for the first time in 1948. Blanka Vlasic is a successful Croatian athlete , a trademark of Zagreb meeting.

On Zagreb's beautiful lake Jarun many races are organized during spring and summer time. Hiking on the Zagreb's mountain Sljeme would make a nice training and you can also enjoy the fresh air, breathtaking nature and beautiful view from the top of the mountain. There are many ways of recreation in Zagreb. You can explore Zagreb on a bike; you can cheaply rent it form Funk Lounge hostel. Zagreb is a perfect city to explore on a bike and riding a bike to the Lake Jarun and around it will be amazing experience.

If you like jogging, Sava river bank is a perfect place for it, especially in the sunset! You can also ride roller blades all over the city and especially on Jarun lake where rolling is very popular. If you are aggressive roller or skater you can find many places in Zagreb to satisfy your need for good run. Popular places for skateboarding and in-line skating in Zagreb are: main ban Jelacic square, in front of Mimara museum, in front of Zagreb's Dzamija, Zagreb outdoor skate park on the Jarun lake, outdoor skate park on Spansko, Zagreb indoor skate park and pool in Student centre. You can also do lots of adventure sports in Zagreb like sky-diving, bungee jumping on Jarun lake, climbing (indoor and outdoor), indoor carting arena on Zagreb's Fair, paintball for only 8 € per person, or snowboarding on Zagreb's mountain Sljeme in winter months (December – February).